Monday, March 30, 2009

Dirt Road

If you continue down the road we live on you'll pass one house and then it will turn into this. A dirt road!

Our house sits on a gravel road. Back East they might call our road a dirt road, but they would be wrong because THIS is a dirt road.

Notice at the top of the picture there is a street sign for the dirt road. :)

I took this picture last week. Before we had any snow. In fact we hadn't had any rain in awhile so we thought this part of the road might be passable.

The kids and I took the 4-wheeler and the golf cart hoping to drive around and maybe see some game.

When we got to this point we sent Ezra up ahead to see if he thought the golf cart could make it across.

He came back with a verdict of "I don't think so, Mom."

So we turned around, went the other way past our house and looked at the cows. :)

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Blessed Arrows said...

I seem to have some memories of another time when a golf cart got stuck in the mud! That was fun but you must not of wanted to try again :-)