Friday, March 27, 2009

For Fun

Below are some pictures that I took and then, using photoshop, I added the verses.

I took this picture one morning from the front porch. I love how the sunlight is just beginning to peek over the horizon. It brought to memory this verse. I mess up every day so this verse encourages me that each day is a new day full of God's mercy and faithfulness.

I was lucky to get this picture of the butterfly in our yard last spring. Butterflies always remind me of this verse because the caterpillar becomes a new creature when it emerges from the cacoon; just like we become a new creature after salvation.

This picture shows the sun setting behind the house. I made this picture for Ezra. He likes this verse and wanted a reminder of it to hang in his room.


The King's Daughter said...

Mrs. Deardorff,
They turned out really neat! Is the photoshop on your computer or on the internet? It make me want to take some of mine and do that!

Blessed Arrows said...

They are so good! Reminds me of the one you made for me. I really like the butterfly one.