Saturday, May 31, 2008


We were at the farm today working on the barn and the kids asked for a popsicle. I figured they would just share their's with Naomi. Instead, they gave her her own.
Can you say STICKY?

"How many pictures are you going to take, Mama?!"

I can't help myself!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun Fishing

Ok, so I know I said I would try to keep this blog updated, but it has been awhile since my last post...sorry. I know what my problem is; I take too many pictures. There are 33 pictures in this post and that's not all the pictures I took on this day.
Anyhow, on Memorial Day we took the kids fishing. There is a man Matt knows that invited us to come fishing anytime. He has a very nice pond with lots of big fish. At least that's what he told us because we didn't get to see any of those fish. It turns out we probably went at the wrong time of day so we weren't able to catch anything but that didn't matter. The kids had fun. (Oh, Matt did catch a little one, but it was hardly worth mentioning.)

The pond has a lot of bullfrogs so Cassidy and Ezra tried to catch some. They didn't have any luck but we did get to see one up close.

Naomi got to fish too. I had to keep reminding her not to put the pole IN the water.

These are pictures of Omi being her onery self. I think she loves posing for the camera.

I just love the crossed arms...

and the tongue...

and those eyes!

Then she decided to keep Levi company.

"Oh look, there's mommy."

"I'm going to go see what she's doing."

"Now you stay here and be a good boy."


"I guess I told him."

(Levi) "Augh...sisters!"

Well, I guess you know, they weren't going to stay out of the water the whole day.
Won't be catching any fish now. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Cassidy's wanted pizza for her birthday dinner (sounds good to me!). Her dad took her out for lunch.

After dinner she opened her presents.

Then she wanted to go and look for deer. There is a deer farm close by and you can see a lot of deer up close.When we got back, we had ice cream and cake.

Everyone enjoyed it.