Monday, April 14, 2008

Gobble, Gobble

Check out Ezra's first turkey, a young jake. He shot it yesterday afternoon. This weekend was the youth turkey season. They were unable to go out Saturday because of the snow. Yes, I said snow. Thankfully it didn't accumulate on the ground but it was still snowing and the turkeys wouldn't be walking around. Yesterday it was still cold but the sun was out so they were able to go. The boys flipped a coin to see who could shoot first and Levi won. However, when the turkey got close only Ezra had a good shot at him. Levi was still very excited for Ezra and he'll still have a chance for a turkey in the regular season. Who knows, maybe Levi will get the bigger one. That's how it happened with the deer. Levi shot the first one, but Ezra shot the bigger one.