Saturday, May 17, 2008

Super Saturday

Today was a beautiful day. Our barn is really beginning to look like a barn. Cassidy and I planted some tomato and pepper plants. You can see them right in front of the barn.

Most of the day was not windy but toward the afternoon the wind began to pick up. I needed to help Matt keep the tin up while he fastened it so it wouldn't blow him off the ladder.

Time for a water break.

The boys had their friend Owen over. They had a great time getting muddy in the creek. In this picture they are taking a break and drying out in a dirt ditch. Boys!!!!???

Cassidy came back from the pond with these bullfrog tadpoles. It's hard to tell from the pictures how big they are, but they are about the size of a small toad. Some are growing their legs. In the second picture you can see the one's head.

I got some great pictures of this butterfly...

and the sky.

Time to break for lunch.

Now we must get back to work.

Another water break...

and some more pictures.

What a Super Saturday.

"My heart rejoiceth in the Lord" I Samuel 2:1

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