Thursday, April 2, 2009


Naomi loves to spend time with Cassidy, especially when she takes her to see the horses.

They started the afternoon by giving Naomi a ride on Missy.

Missy is such a gentle horse. She's pretty old too, so she doesn't have much "get up and go."

Naomi doesn't have much balance yet. When the horse is actually walking, I'm standing beside her holding her leg.

Later on, Cassidy got on Trissy. Trissy is young and has a lot of "get up and go!"
That's why Cass has her helmet on and Naomi is no longer in the round pen.

Do you remember the children's books that have something the same on every page and the child has to find it; like a duck or a ladybug? Well, these pictures of Cassidy on Trissy remind me of that. Can you spot the dog in every picture?

There she is.

And there she is again.

Can you spot her?

She has such an obession with this horse.

Trissy is the horse with the most energy. She can keep Sky very busy.

Sky just won't leave her alone.

It's amazing she hasn't gotten trampled, because although she's outside the pen now, most times she is right under Trissy's feet.

In the evening Cassidy and Naomi went to brush the smaller horses, Peyton and Cowboy.

Naomi's holding Cowboy while Cassidy cleans out his feet.

"Aww, cute horsie."

"Let me give you another kiss."

Cassidy let Naomi lead him around. Naomi thought this was great.

"Come on, horsie, follow me."

"Isn't this fun?"

"Whoa, slow down!"

They had a nice time together. It's good they did this yesterday because as I'm writing this today it's snowing. Yes, that's right....snowing.

"In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever."

Psalm 44:8

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Blessed Arrows said... cute! Jonathan said Naomi must not know there is germs on the end of his nose :-)
That comes from a city slicker :-)