Saturday, August 18, 2007

What A Week!

What a busy week we had! It started off slowly but then took off. On Monday we didn't do much. Naomi enjoyed coloring with Ezra...

Cassidy enjoyed time on the computer writing another book...

and Levi did some reading.

By Tuesday we started getting sick. One by one we all got a cold but we were still able to have lunch with some friends on Wednesday.

Thursday, we had to run to St. Joe to do some errands and that pretty much took our whole day.
Friday, we took Cassidy over to see Missy.

This was the last week of our 7 week revival. It was a wonderful week. This is a picture of the "Why Not" trio...(long story). They sang a song every night and did a great job.

One of the highlights of the week was when one of our teenagers got saved. I took these pictures the night she got baptized.

Another highlight was when this teenager who had gotten away from church made a decision to come back. Here he is singing with his mom.

This week's speaker was Mark McGaughey (I forgot to get a picture of him...bummer). He was great. As someone else put it "he brings the meatsaw."

It's hard to believe the 7 week revival is over. What are we going to do Monday night? :)

The official meetings may be over but as Matt said "I hope it continues in our hearts."

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