Thursday, August 9, 2007


Matt came home today and is doing very well. We won't know if it helped his hearing until he goes back to the doctor on Sept. 5th. At that time they will clean out the ointment and other gunk out of his ear. Pray that this operation will improve his speech recognition.

On the way to pick him up I took this picture of a sunflower field. It was huge.

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HsKubes said...

Rejoicing with y'all that he is doing well and was able to come home. Praying for him.

I love the sunflower field. How beautiful! I, also, enjoyed looking at the photos of what y'all did during the surgery. Looks like a fun/educational place to visit. Very interesting!

Thank you for your comment, your prayers, and for the verse you shared. It was a blessing.
We are excited and SO thankful for the next two weeks we have with him!

Enjoy your weekend ~