Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday's Travels

Today we took Matt to Kansas City to have an operation done on his ear. We are praying that it will restore some of his recent hearing loss. I decided to take the kids along and figured while they were doing the surgery we could do some other things in Kansas City. As it turned out, they wanted us to stay in the waiting room. I wasn't prepared for that but thankfully I did bring lunch.

The kids did very well. They found some books to keep them occupied. We were there 4 and a half hours. They received several comments on their good behavior.

I thought maybe we could go for a walk outside but it was VERY hot and there really wasn't any place to walk.

Once the surgery was finished we needed to wait to see Daddy until he got a room. So we decided to visit the Discovery Center that was only a short distance away. They focus on conservation of natural habitat.

This is a picture of the children beside a 1/2 scale model of a boat Lewis and Clark used to travel up the Missouri River.

Cassidy with a raccoon. No, it's not alive. That would have really made her day.

This is an example of the canoes they used made out of a log.

After we got some dinner we went to see Daddy. He was doing very well. We will be able to take him home tomorrow. We'll know more then if his hearing has improved.

He will be off work for the rest of the week. Woo hoo!! We love having him home with us.

Naomi was very glad to see him.

On the way home God gave us an awesome firework show! Thunderstorms in the midwest are so incredible. The lightening bolts go sideways and spread out in all directions. This picture doesn't do it justice but I still thought it was cool.

We were thankful to have made it home safely.

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