Thursday, January 31, 2008

Naomi's Lesson On Sharing

Yesterday I helped a friend by watching her children while she did a little shopping. The children played well together. Naomi had fun sharing her dollhouse with Josiah. At least for a little while. Pay special attention to the small doll she has in her hand.

She's having a grand time. Here she's putting the doll to bed.

Oh no. Disaster. The doll is no longer in it's bed. Take notice to the piano in Josiah's hand. It will come into play later.

Maybe if Josiah does the "hand behind the back trick" she'll think it disappeared.

Ok, maybe if he gives her the piano. Nope...she pushes that to the floor. It's the doll or nothing.

Josiah got his gun for protection. This could get ugly.

Upon further thought, he decides it's not worth the blood shed and gives up the doll.

Peace is resumed.

I know I called this post "Naomi's Lesson On Sharing" and you probably thought she was learning how to share. Actually, she was teaching Josiah. Don't mess with this hot-headed girl.

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