Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Yesterday the kids had a blast watching a big machine demolish the small house right behind us. But probably what they enjoyed the most was watching the Raccoon family scamper out. A mama and her baby took off. The mama ran under the porch and the baby found refuge in the neighbor's bush. The children decided to try and capture the baby. Well...when mama realized what was happening (that being the raccoon mama because this mama still didn't know any of this) she came barreling at those kids full speed. She knocked Levi over! She didn't get the baby but she did her job in scaring the kids enough to stay away and leave her baby alone. And that's where the baby stayed the rest of the day. Matt took this picture of the baby for me. He even pet it! For those of you wondering...mama came and got the baby last night. The question? Where are they now?!!

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